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“Comfort is a preference,” says Sandy Rodriguez, the owner of Unlimited Comfort Mattress Factory. Finding the right mattress isn’t easy, which is why Rodriguez tailors each mattress specifically to his customers.

It all started when Rodriguez got a job building mattresses for a company in south Dakota. “I fell in love with it because it’s something that is unique,” he says.

Rodriguez moved to Sarasota four months ago and set up shop in a storefront in September. So what goes into his mattresses?

He starts with the bottom cover, then the most important part. “The sagging part is controlled by the quality of the materials so a lot of people, what they don’t understand is that foam is the weakest point of the mattress,” says Rodriguez, which is why he uses coils to provide lumbar support.

“Coils is made out of very heavy duty steal,” says Rodriguez. “You’re gonna have a permanent edge there that’s gonna give you really good firm support for a long time.” Rodriguez doubles the amount of coils than most companies.

“You have about 12 hundred coils to support, typically mattresses have six to eight hundred coils,” he says.

Next? The foam pad and mattress topper. “LaTex doesn’t retain body heat and you can see this one has the holes, it allows air flow,” says Rodriguez. Each piece is designed to create breathable comfort.

Rodriguez says he is the only guy in Florida using SomniGel. It’s a gel that goes on top of the foam to keep you cool throughout the night.

The reason he uses high quality products for a low price? “To help customers save money, and have a mattress that lasts 15–20 years,” Rodriguez says.

Unlimited Comfort mattresses start at a cost of $299 for a Queen bed and can go up to $4,000 depending on how custom made it is.

Unlimited Comfort Mattress Factory is located at 4035 Clark Road in Sarasota.