January 17, 2018

Premium Power Adjustable Bases in Sarasota

Many people struggle to get a good night of sleep. Sometimes having a good, high-quality mattress is not enough. When you are in need of extra comfort and more flexibility in your mattress, consider a power base. Power Bases afford the user a wide range of sleep positions to help achieve the perfect sleep. You don’t even need a special mattress. Your current Unlimited Comfort mattress can be fitted with a power base system.

Research has shown that sleeping with the feet and head in an elevated position can be beneficial for circulation and overall health. We have customers who used to struggle with back pain, shoulder pain and sleeplessness who now experience refreshing, re-energizing, comfortable sleep.

Come visit our Unlimited Comfort sleep specialist today to explore power base options and how you can start getting better sleep today!

Unlimited Comfort is proud to offer Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds at our Sarasota mattress stores.

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Your bed should be as adjustable as your mattress. With an Adjustable Base, you can adjust your bed to the most comfortable position imaginable for doing the things you love to do in bed.

Elevate your head and feet to virtually any angle with the remote or your smartphone – and you’ll adjust more than just your bed. You’ll get an attitude adjustment that comes when your body is supported exactly how and where you want.

If you thought your mattress was comfortable before, wait until you try it on an Adjustable Base.

Besides providing incredible comfort, an Adjustable Base can offer health benefits:

•  Reduces snoring and acid reflux effects
•  Alleviates lower back pain
•  Aids in body circulation
•  Relaxes tense muscles with massage feature
•  Helps knee and leg pain